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  1. Hey djME,
    I love your website. Lots of great news and updates. I ran across your site while I was searching for fellow fans of bassment jaxx and yours was the first to come up on google. I am a promoter for Cold Grums Productions, Inc. based outta Chicago, and thought i’d let you know about our newly launched Tumblr page. we got a lot of dope shows coming up like the bassmntjaxx with MSTRKRFT on Nov.6th, Chromeo w/ crystal castles this halloween. we update it ever so often and wanna just share the love. ill definitely be putting a plug of ilovedjme.com. cheers!

  2. told you i’d leave a comment! ;) love the music: it’s pure booty shakin’ goodness.

  3. Just came across your site randomly, and love it. You seem to have very similare tastes and interests to myself. Very cool. Keep it up.

    x Katy

  4. Hey, so i love new fidget and electro house, and your site is perfect to grab some new samples/songs and check the freshest swag on the market, cause after all, isnt that what chicago’s about?

    You should check out my DJ duo, The Compact Disco. DJ Monsieur and I are based out of Wicker Park, Chicago. Up and coming, with a fiery passion. We do live remixes with ableton and reason, and play our own stuff. We’re gonna be hitting the club circuit, so check us out if you’re in the area.

    Love your stuff, sir. Tell your freinds. Stay Disco.

    -DJ Conq

  5. hi djME. just want to let you know that i dig your blog. i never really knew where to go for dance music, so now i come here when i want to know what’s poppin. keep doing your thangy thang!!

  6. Yo! Dae Lovely!

    Thanks for the message! I try to bring top quality tracks to the site, glad you like them!

    Keep Rockin!

  7. whoa like this is random but i have to comment you because you deffinetly caught my attention and im pretty sure your a busy man and rarley chack your website but ive heard you as a dj guest in some clubs in hollywood and wow i loved your sick ass beats !!!<3

  8. DAM! your website is sick the downst info ever when ever yu can hit me up yur site is fly never stop and always party like a roqstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hey guys, if you want to listen to some dirty house tracks, tune in to CLUBZONE.FM weekdays 6 to 8pm central time and if you would like to do some cross promo let me know, would love to show love to I LOVEDJME.COM

  10. Hi DJ Me!! Thank you for your Awesome music creation!! You ROCK!! ;) Keep it coming with all your inspirations & current updated news and events for us. I LOVE your music, your energy, groove & presence, have a Wonderful day my dear friend!! ;) xoxox

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