Free Gold Watch / SF / ILL Designer!

I’m sure you caught eye of these neon flashy shirts somewhere around town. Home grown right here in SF the Free Gold Watch line is pretty sweet. It’s retro urban electro art, naked girls, big sunglasses, the virgin mary and fitted, what more could you ask for. Available at True, on Haight, your tee will surely attract complements and questions.

Free Gold Watch


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SF Dreamteam, you got that right

Recently Nitevibe pushed off their annual SF Top Ten Dreamteam voting poll as they say it ‘for the people by the people.’ Not sure what people they asked first but the initial poll was infested with false DJ’s. A number of DJ’s on the list have not lived in the Bay Area for a long period of time, some not DJing anymore and even a listed DJ who passed away this passed year. RIP.

Besides missing a few DJ’s, which deserve to be on the list, the Dreamteam voting ballot covers all genres of DJ’s located in SF and surrounding parts. It will be interesting to see who makes out on top. With the local scale of this ballot we should not have worry about marketing managers putting in false vote for their DJ’s like in the DJMAG scandal.

*Since the initial launch of the Dreamteam website, many of the non-resident DJ’s and 4matt have been removed from the voting ballot.

SF Dreamteam

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HA! First hundred dollar vinyl toys and now we have Be@rbrick Daft Punk’s! If you happened to live in Japan be sure to pick yourself up the new ‘Alive’ album and these cool looking bears! Available Dec. 5th 2007 going for about $50 bucks for the limited edition couple.

Medicom Toy Corp

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If you did not get enough shopping on Black Friday, start warming up that mouse for all the CyberMonday Sales! The ‘biggest’ shopping day on this little place we call the World Wide Web.

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Hot Tune Alert!

T2 Ft. Jodie – Heartbroken


This track has finally grown on me and it should be pretty big here in the US.


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