Banksy Flower

Who is Banksy? What is his name? How old is he? These are questions few know. The facts we do know are, his urban stencils are quiet amazing and iconic. Whether it be rats with guns, a little girl with a red balloon, or two UK officials exchanging tongues his art is going for thousands and thousands of dollars. Recent buyers include Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The article link below captures the artist in his natural environment which is like seeing a UFO.

TimeOnline UK / Banksy

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Pioneer SVM-1000 Mixer – (Un)Cool

The new SVM-1000 mixer is pretty dope! Your able to mix music and video, the video is in sync with your music. It was recently previewed in New York at club Pacha. DJ Ronnie G mixed the ones and twos while screen behind him moved to the beat. The only problem is Ronnie G states that it took him one moth to create this 15 visual audio mix!? Don’t most DJ’s play for hours, how long will that take? Catch the SVM-1000 in action at the link below;

Gizmodo / Pioneer Pro DJ

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Nike Transformers Pack

After much delay and confusion, the Nike Transformers Pack has begun to hit select stores. Original suggestions had pegged the Air Trainer III (the first model originally seen) as being scrapped due to conflicts in licensing. Furthermore these claims were dismissed and that a Summer release was to come which never materialized. For fans of Transformers and Nike their time has finally come with the release of this pack which includes the Air Trainer III, Air Max 90 Boot and Air Trainer Huarache. Available Nov 3rd at Capitol1524.


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Eric Morillo braces the Temple.

Christmas comes early on Friday December 7th as Eric Morillo lands at club Temple. Although Morillo is a American DJ he gets more credit in the UK and Ibiza for being a bad ass dj and smart business man. Every real house dj has listen to one of his tracks off his record label Subliminal Records founded in 1997. The last time I saw Morillo was a few years ago for the Winter Music Conference at the Crobar. His set was mind blowing with effects, funky bass, and live vocals. It will be interesting to see what Morillo has up his sleeves now and days.
I couldn’t be any more pleased with the venue, the Temple, with it’s Las Vegas themed styled rooms all hosting great sounds systems. See you on the dance floor!
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Down with the Virgo?

Whenever I hear the word electro I make a sour face, like I had just bit into a apple but turned out to be a lemon. Electro prince himself Felix da Housecat has been riding the electro wave for awhile and I’m still unsure where he falls in the house realm. Felix recently dropped his lasted album ‘Virgo Blaktro and the Movie Disco’ which seems to be causing a stir. I had the chance to bump the 16 track acid electro tweak fest and I am not down with the Virgo. There is not much disco about it, nothing exciting and fresh? A couple of tunes jump out at me, like Tweak, but get old fast.
Verdict? To buy or download? DOWNLOAD!
Sad to say I found the Britney Spears ‘Blackout’ album far more interesting.
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