HEATER / SAMIM & MICHAL / Accordeon Cheese?

[flash http://www.youtube.com/v/NZ806mlFoMY]

The track is hitting the charts, I heard it three times at LoveFest 07, but all in all THUMBS DOWN! Let it have it’s 15 minutes of fame and will never hear of it again.


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Drive SMART! Not LAME!

I just have one question….just one… I understand that driving can be a bit more dangerous when it rains so people tend to drive a tad bit slower then usual. I got that. But WHY WHY WHY do you want to drive 50Mph in the fast lane?? If you want to drive a bit slower then take your ass in the far right lane or even the middle lane.

I want to know what the people or thinking as five cars pass them up? Here are my thoughts;

– Why is everyone passing me up?
– I’m going to show these fast drivers that I’m not moving? (pretty lame)
– On the Phone
– They are completely stupid and have no idea what is going on in the world and should not even be allowed to drive on the road.

My choice is always #4. Well, drive safe folks and flip off that person in the fast lane driving like molasses.

The SMART car

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Want to see a amazing French duo that put on awesome show and are represented by Ed Banger’s label, aka Daft Punk? To bad you can’t! Tix are SOLD OUT and they’ve been that way for a month now. It’s the third time that JUSTICE will rock the Mezzanine, in downtown SF.

Over the years their popularity has been growing from tracks off their albums to remixing Britney Spear and Justin Timberlake. The highlight of 2007 has to be the nomination for the MTV Music Video of the Year award. If you have your ticket hold on to it tight their are going to be a swarm of wanters Wednesday night.

JUSTICE @ the Mezzanine SF 9pm

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When Buff Monster attacks.

If you ever been to LA or plan to make a trip to the glossy city you might have caught eye of the Buff Monster. Maybe on a billboard, payphone, stop sign, the Buff Monster is everywhere. Always spreading his Pepto-Bismol pink all over the city and now you can have the TOY! Yes, Buff Monster the toys series 1. Put some pink is your life!

Buff Monster

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Britney Spears / Gimmie More ass shaking?

The Britney video is OUT!! Is it any good? It’s better then her VMA performance that’s for sure. I don’t LOVE it but I don’t hate it either. I wish she would have dance liked this at the VMAs. It’s basically just Brit and some friends dancing at some club with a pole… not much going on except some ASS shaking, but even that juicy butt make me believe its not Britney’s bum??

‘Gimme More’ Video

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