Daft Punk / One More Time… LIVE

Daft Punk will in late November release a live album chronicling the
June 14 Paris stop on its first tour in a decade, Billboard.com can
reveal. The as-yet-untitled Capitol set will be available in a single CD
edition plus a two-disc set which features the show’s encore. As of now,
no live DVD companion is in the works, according to the group.


I can’t wait for this album! If you have not seem
them LIVE then you lost out! Big Time! You will die with a unfulfilled life
and will feel empty. Always feeling like you missed out on a event in your
life.. wow so sad.. Oh Well!

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The UK is Yummie!

All these artist and tunes keep coming from the UK, first Imogen Heap, Corinne Bailey Rae, Amy Winehouse, and this list goes on and on. All these artist have something you just can’t get in states. What is it? Don’t know, but I love it. Instead we grace ourselves with the same old girls talking about love in the same old way. Thank god we have Gwen, Madonna, Timbaland and Missy. While your listening to Pairs Hilton ‘Stars are Blind’ check out these up and coming artist;

Kate Nash – “Foundations”
Sonny J Can’t Stop moving
Sneaky Sound System

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Urban Street Style / Streetwear / Pictures

Who has style!?! You Do! Forget Fashion Week, everyday is fashion day on the city streets. Take a look at these fancy cats! Now go get bedazzled then send me your best fits and you might see yourself soon. djme(@)515records(dot)com

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The EndUp SF / Gimmie that Ghetto Disco!

On October 19th the ‘legendary’ club, The Endup, will kick off it’s new Fridays nights with Ghetto Disco. With renowned dj and producer Peter Rauhofer behind the decks opening night. Will Ghetto Disco be successful? As of now everything looks great, flashy flyer, awesome first DJ and with a name like Ghetto Disco you can’t go wrong. Fag Fridays seemed to be diminishing until the after hours and then the dark druggy music took over. Hopefully the new night can bring that natural euphoria house music has at other house venues.

One question I do have is, will Ghetto Disco be considered a gay night? hmmm SF + house music = Yes.


SF LoveFest 2007 / Dance Music Event / Bring The Love.

It’s here! It’s here! The Love Parade SF LoveFest! Going on it’s 4th year of Love, pumping bass floats create the LoveFest Parade which end up at the SF Civic Center area to create multiple ‘rooms’ in the open air. Although the floats have been taken over with deep house, which SF is known for, the LoveFest After Party sponsored by SKILLS and SPUNDAE give you the trance and funky house you’ve been looking for at the cost of your arm, one ear, and $65 bucks if your lucky. What happened to the $30 events?

Either way, events are going on all weekend which should defiantly put a dent in your wallet. Good luck on your weekender, have fun, and play safe!

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