Kaskade / Fire and Ice / New Album / OUT NOW!

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Kaskade fans can celebrate a little more now. The DJ is releasing another album a year after his massively successful project “dance.love” hit the airwaves. Kaskade will release “Fire and Ice” on October 25th to iTunes and November 8th everywhere else. “Fire and Ice” is a two-disc set that features collaborations with Skrillex, Neon Trees, Skylar Grey, and Dada Life. Fans are ecstatic over his latest releases “Eyes” and “Turn It Down” and we can’t wait to hear what other goodies Kaskade has up his sleeve.              [-Layal]

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John Dahlback / One Last Ride / New House Anthem

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John Dahlback has unleashed a beautiful monster of a song with his newest release “One Last Ride”. Swedish pop singer Erik Hassle lends his flawless vocals to accompany a tender melody and a refreshing beat. Seriously one of the most stunning songs of the year, it is featured on Tiesto’s Club Life. Watch the preview video above and be sure to listen to the full, extended version. [-Layal]

John Dahlback – One Last Ride (Tommy Trash Remix)

John Dahlback Feat. Erik Hassle (Extended Original Mix) [Link]

John Dahlback Feat. Erik Hassel (Tommy Trash Remix) [Link]

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araabMUZIK / Electronic Dream / Blends Hip-Hop and EDM

You have to love when music seamlessly crosses genre boundaries and becomes an art that multiple audiences enjoy. American producer araabMUSIK conquers hip-hop and electronic music with his new album Electronic Dream. Although he is known to produce for hip-hop artists and Dipset, this album is a delicious blend of trance and house synths over grounded beats. His song “Streetz Tonight” is a bolder, slightly uptempo version of Kaskade’s mellow song “4am”. The title track, “Electronic Dream” starts with  dreamy vocals, sampled from OceanLab’s “Sattelite”,  followed by a chilled-out beat that perfectly balances the song between progressive trance and smooth rhythm & blues. “Make It Happen” gives the album a different color with moody, dark electronic elements that vibe to a more hype hip-hop beat.  This album has a completely unique sound—part trance, part progressive, part hip-hop—all in perfect balance. Electronic Dream is another testament to dance music’s versatility and growing influence on the music industry. araabMUZIK played at this weekend’s Audiotistic Festival in San Bernadino, California. [- Layal]

 Araab Muzik – Streetz Tonight
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Drop Your Pants! / SF

Prepare to drop your pants this Saturday! (01/12/08) Cities across the nation are gearing up for the 7th Annual No Pants! event. The initial setup for the event is by the ever mischief group Improv Everywhere.

One of their pranks have been dumping on to Best Buy in the numbers wearing blue collared shirts to trick customers, pretty amazing.

Wanna join read the link below for info about the SF drop your pants event!
SF – Facebook

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Banksy Flower

Who is Banksy? What is his name? How old is he? These are questions few know. The facts we do know are, his urban stencils are quiet amazing and iconic. Whether it be rats with guns, a little girl with a red balloon, or two UK officials exchanging tongues his art is going for thousands and thousands of dollars. Recent buyers include Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The article link below captures the artist in his natural environment which is like seeing a UFO.

TimeOnline UK / Banksy

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