After EDC Trailer / A Post-Electric Daisy Carnival 2010 Film / Moive!

After EDC” is a documentary examining the incidents behind the 14th annual Electric Daisy Carnival, a 2-day festival hosted at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum which drew the largest attendance ever in the history of music gatherings in North America. What started as a weekend celebration of electronic dance culture ended with shocking news headlines of injuries, drug overdoses, and one tragic death.

//// A documentary is in the works about the massive music festival, The Electric Daisy Carnival, and it’s not your typical after party footage.  Directed by a previous director of the non-profit DanceSafe, Le Sheng Liu, will investigate the massive coverage of the Electric Daisy Carnival 2010 which was history in the making and also a sad moment in the dance community.  EDC attendance had rose to the highest levels yet with 185,000 music lovers over the weekend but sadly ended with one less dancer, Sasha Rodriguez, who was rushed to the emergency from the event and later died of multiple organ failures.

I admire the effort and passion behind this production but question if the documentary can benefit the EDM community, and even better, give local government agencies insight about EDM which they know least about. What message will Liu try to get across to the viewers? Dancing kills? Raves Kills? The media is out of control?

This kind of community and news awareness can be traced back to the desert massive JuJuBeats 99′ when five attendees drove off a cliff after leaving the weekend rave in the mountains. Local stations reported on this incident for months and even lawsuits filed. One main difference has yet to be known is will EDC fade away like the once known JuJuBeats party and be just memory?

Adidas Originals / Jeremy Scott / Triple Tongues Sneakers

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